Why don't people mind their own business?



(Want to) Make somebody happy today? Mind your own business. - Ann Landers

I had to write this post out of frustration being caused by few people lately. I don’t understand the point in people poking their noses in to my matters and decisions which I never asked. I have always been ready to hear their advices, but that does not make me to follow those advices.

These people don’t stop at giving advices, rather they persistently try gibing at your abilities and inabilities as if they are the masters of all trades.I agree that they may be good at few things that they are doing, but I don’t think they are good at / have right for judging my capabilities. I don’t understand how they forget/ ignore the fact completely that I am far more superior at doing few things than them except that I don’t like to gasconade about those things.

I am happy even if I may not be making more money than them, remember that I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and whatever I am today(better than what I was) is just because of me and my decisions.

All these years, I have been silently absorbing these jibes. Had I not been so polite I might have given them a piece of my mind, but I don't think I would be able to control myself anymore and would definitely try to do and succeed what these guys are best at(Mortifying).

I had to put this here to stop worrying about these douche heads and enjoy rest of my weekend.Winking smile

Rockstar 2011 All Promo Songs (30 Secs)

I generally don't embed any music on my blog. But with the amount of hype and delay the music company has made for the release of the music, i had to post this.
                 Click on the song name to Play
                                                              I by no means intend to infringe the copyrights.

Types of Startups !


Now that we have an answer to “What do we need to start a startup?” comes the next question –  “What are the types of startups?” / “What type of Startup my company would come under?”
As Steve Blank explains  in a detail here, the six types of Startups
  1. Lifestyle Startups : “The Passionate Startups”                                                                   These are the individuals that make their Passions and interests into a startup. A web designer or a Painter is living their life they love and Money is secondary to them.
  2. Small Business Startups : “The Everyday Startups”                                                            These are the every day businesses.They make almost 99.7% of total companies. Consultants, Grocery Stores, Electricians etc., fall under this category
  3. Scalable Startups : “The Born to be Big Startups”                                                               These are the ones who always believed that their product will change the world. Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc., are all path defying and have achieved big.
  4. Buyable Startups : “The Born to Flip Startups”                                                                  These are the ones who always wanted to develop their product, make it popular and sell it to a bigger firm for a good profit.
  5. Large Company Startups : “The Big Innovative Startups”                                                   With more and more new startups coming up each day, it has become more difficult for the larger companies such as Microsoft, Google etc., to grow through “Sustaining Innovation” ( Offer new products that are variants of their core products. For Example : Google Docs or Calendar). These companies now have focused on “Disruptive Innovation” (Create entirely new products than their core products. For Example : Android from Google)
  6. Social Startups : “The Difference making Startups”                                                           These are the ones that want to make this world a better place and are not to create wealth for the founders.                                                                                                                            
    1. So, choose which one does your Dream Startup is and leave your valuable comments.

Dream Big !

Dream Big

Between the great things we cannot do and the small things we will not do, the danger is that we shall do nothing.  - Adolph Monod

Everyone wants to do great things and achieve greater goals. They even have great ideas to go with their capabilities. But still, the only thing that stops them from achieving their goals is the “Belief” in them. With belief in their capabilities and ideas comes the attitude to take risks. Even in a college game, there is a risk of loosing the toss even before the start of the game(Forget about the game). For something that is destined to change the future of yours as well as the world’s, taking risk is never a wrong idea. And always remember “You have a 50% chance of being successful if you take a risk, if you don’t you end up at 0%”

So friends, Always Dream Big and Don’t fear about the risks!

By the way, I would like to suggest an excellent read Enchantment by +Guy Kawasaki . This would make an great learning experience for enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

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People I Admire

This post has been long overdue.Lying in my drafts to be posted for a few months, finally polished it and here it is.
As we grow older, we find someone to look up to. Virtually everyone has someone that they admire. Over time, there have been several people who have influenced various aspects of my life, based on their personal characteristics, accomplishments, and values. I admire them and aspire to be like( or better than) what they are.
  • My Mom -  After losing my father in an accident when I was just 13, it was my Mom who has been taking care of entire family through all the difficult times. She is strong willed,kind hearted,selfless and sacrificial.I save my admiration for her because of all she has done for me in my life. She is a person who taught me many important lessons which will help me in my life. She has an undeclared philosophy of never to get depressed when you fail. To her, I am an open book. She has been a support to me in all of my adverse situations. She always motivated me to take new challenges and never to back out of them. Whatever I am Today and whatever I am going to be Tomorrow, I owe it all to her.
  • A R RAHMAN -  I have already blogged about this Genius quite a few times. My admiration to him grew with me. I literally worship him! I call him the GOD!! There are several days in my life I lived just on his music. There is a healing power in it. Be it the soothing “Bombay Theme” or the effervescent “Rangeela Theme”, he has been a true “Rockstar”!  One of the reasons why I admire him may be that I can correlate his childhood to mine and also struggle he faced to become the face of the nation,making Indians all over the world proud. Say Jai Ho!!
  • My Uncle / Teacher / Mentor Mr. K. Govardhan Reddy -  Being Principal of the school I studied and also my Uncle, he played a major role in my life. I still remember when he made me to sit in between two toppers of my class to learn Math( I always was below average in Math) from them in our reading class. I was always wondering in my childhood how a person can have so much of knowledge and education (MSc, MEd, MBA) as him. He has this ability to listen what we had to say, to empathize with and to understand our point. I had Participated ( and Won) several “General Knowledge” “Essay Writing” and “Painting” competitions only with his support. He has been a true inspiration not only to me but a few hundred students who studied in the school. Personally, he has been a great support for me to pursue my MBA. Over the years, he successfully made the transition from a strict principal to a great mentor. Now a successful Businessman, he will always remain a shining example for me.
Now that I have finished this task of putting together the people I admire, lies ahead a huger task of following their footsteps, which I am trying with my baby feet.Winking smile

Questions – Answers

Questions and Answers

After a lot of CTRL+C and CTRL+V of quotes from all over the web (shamelessly! Smile with tongue out), I thought of coming up with some unique quotes and here is the first one -

Life is all about Questions and Answers. The more you ask yourself and the more you can answer makes your life better.

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How to start a Startup?


Being a graduate in business I was always keen on how the market dynamics work. Going through the current market scenario, most success has been achieved by startups. I started finding my answers for “How to start a Startup?”

One common thing among all Startups is Innovation.

Innovation seems to be the flavor of the season, but one thing that confuses everyone is where does this innovation come from? Is it the same as Invention?

Invention and Innovation go hand in hand but they are as different as milk to water. Invention is to find a new thing and Innovation is applying someone’s invention to a more practical use. For example : Everyone knows Graham Bell invented Telephone, But how many knows who invented the Mobile Phone? Compare Telephone (Invention) to Mobile Phone (Innovation).

In my opinion innovations always causes huge revolutions than the inventions. Touch screen smart phones have been in the existence for more than a decade. But the Innovative iPhone started the entire revolution.

Innovation can start from anywhere! A differently thinking brain with few steps in the right direction can lead to Innovation. As someone rightly said “An Innovator is not the one who comes with an idea but he is the one who makes that idea work”

The first step in starting a startup is Innovation. So be innovative and think Different.

                                                                                                                  To be continued…




“Get lost in your Dreams, or else there is a chance you may never find them again!”

This has to be one of my favorite and most original quotes I ever wrote. I have been trying hard for “Self- Realization” of the dreams/goals I have to achieve and few days ago I did just find one.Only time would answer if these dreams get fruitful or not.

As Paulo Coelho rightly said in The Alchemist

"It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting."


Let’s hope these dreams make my life interesting as it goes!

Adios Friends…

If you have an iPhone !


This was one of the comic ideas that I had the other day while watching the iPhone’s commercial on TV where in it claims to be a device that everyone should have at any cost in their life. If we make an commercial about what the present iPhone lacks,  it would definitely make a better commercial Smile with tongue out

you don't have an iphone

I can play Flash games, add additional memory, have an inbuilt voice assisted navigation(For FREE), and can actually talk ( Free with my Google Voice)  and a lot more on my Android. What can you do on your iPhone Mr. Jobs?

This is my first take on comic strips.Hope I did a good job. Leave your valuable feedback !

- Anvesh

Abstract Series…continued

In continuation to my previous post, I am adding more works to the Abstract collection. I have also decided to learn some Typography which I want to make in to a special series.




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- Anvesh

The other side of the world.

Life has been on a faster track for me for the past few months making it difficult to connect with you folks.Friends and family have been complaining about my preoccupancy.My usual job has been keeping me busy from my hobbies, especially Blogging! Crying face

I am going through an interesting phase of my career. Started to focus on certain things, but my inner beast wants me to work towards my long term goals.Though that side of my world is earning me my staple, it is not as exciting as what I like to do.

Meantime, there were certain works that I started doing as a part of  “The Abstract Series”. These are mostly Minimalistic and Digital works to create the Abstract theme. Below are few of them which I would like to share with you.There will be more that will be added to this list as things start settling down.








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i Fun Droid

android vs iphone
Hola amigo’s,
This post is about the ever famous(may be notorious) i-Phone.It may be gorgeous,ground-breaking and may have changed how we look at smart-phones.Being an owner of 3 generations of the i-Phone,all I can say is ”The iPhone and me just aren't meant to be.”
First thing I don’t like about i-Phone is Apple’s “Closed” behavior.Does it really take a application like Google Voice (developed by the Big G itself) to appear in the “Appstore” after more than an year of its development,that too after an initial rejection.This is why the first thing I did after buying an i-Phone is “Jail breaking”.
Let me save more of my i-phone hatred for my next posts…
At the same time comes the saving grace in the form of “ANDROID”.I have always been a big fan of GOOGLE,Just not because most of my daily online activity goes on with it But I always believed it to be a Good Company that always does Good work and comes with Good products.So,I was naturally inclined towards Android.
After owning couple of other smart phones…BlackBerry,Windows Mobile based Tilt,i-Phone 2G and 3G..I had the opportunity to get an Android and my love towards it as an OS and Google as such has only doubled.
As mentioned above let me save more of my Love towards Android and i-phone hatred for my next posts …
Starting today I am going to start a new series of Comic strips and videos based on mine and many of yours hatred towards “The i-Phone”.
Here comes the first one…..
Alright guys,That’s it for now!
Will be back with some more i-Phone Shit (Yes! I said it ) in next posts….

Thin Waist, Fat Wallet

Happy New Year 2011 to Everyone!!
Haven’t posted much in 2010,for various reasons.Hopefully I will be posting more frequently and with less interruptions in this New Year.
Just like last couple of years my New Year Resolution will be achieving “Thin Waist and Fat Wallet” which I obviously doubt!
My last few year’s New year resolutions have been-
2008: I will get my weight down below 160 pounds.
2009: I will follow my new diet until I get below 180 pounds.
2010:I will work out at least 4days a week.
2011: I will try to drive past gym at least twice a week,but will still get below 200 pounds.(Hope soFingers crossed)
New Year Resolution
Let’s start this New Year on a funny note and get more serious as we go older each month.
First With a new year prayer to GOD -
God, grant me the ability to forget the people I never liked anyway,
The good fortune to run into the ones that I do,
And the eyesight to tell the difference,
The first thing I wanted to do in this New Year was to buy a Nexus-S,but within a week came the CES event where AT&T and Motorola announced the World’s first dual core Android Device ATRIX 4G.Being a hardcore Android Angelfan(definitely an APPLEVampire bat hater) and also AT&T’s first attempt at getting a real high end Android device to their network,I am more inclined towards it now,though I have to wait till march 1st  to get it.
I can’t really wait….check it out below if you haven't already
Alright guys/gals who ever you are,good night/good morning depending on wherever you are…..Its Anvesh signing off wishing you all a Happy New Year once again…