Seeking help - not attention!

Would you tell someone with a broken leg

To just get up and walk?

Would you tell someone with no tongue

To open their mouth and talk?


Don't tell me to

'Get over myself'.

When it is my head that's sick.

Does anyone ever felt their death waiting around the corner? I do, every moment!

Things have slowly been falling into place for me professionally, and personally these days, but I feel like my mind and body are rejecting me. Is it my intuition?  my mind playing dirty games? or is it lypophrenia?

i  fell a couple of times, dusted myself off and got up again, but I am on the verge of losing hope again 

The only ones that "used" to care about me, say   i am just expecting sympathy / seeking attention and have no grit in life to face challenges, when they actually know what i  used to be and how motivated /ambitious i was and how much effort I am putting to keep myself sane.

what hurts more is getting treated like a loser rather than understanding what's going through my brain 

I realize, A carefree past lived, provided me with the gift of current chaos!

 The fear of losing is stronger than hope of Winning.