Clash of the Legends!

Hi friends,

Firstly, a BIG Shout-Out to all all the 700+ followers of the blog from Facebook and also the 200+ followers from Twitter . Thank you all for your enormous support, though I have been a little lazy these days at blogging!

I may have started this year on a slow ( as well as low Crying face) note, but things started picking up a bit fast lately. Though busy with work, I will try to publish the blog frequently at least every weekend. I would like to call them “The WEP’s” / Week End Posts.

Akira Kurosawa vs Alfred Hitchcock

Both portraits are Inspired from their famous posters!

In the Image above are two of my Favorite film Directors of all time - Alfred Hitchcock , Akira Kurosawa!! It was difficult to decide who was the best among them, so i put it in an art form. I tried to stay minimalistic though working on these complex..nah… but definitely the Legends of film making!

This painting has been done with both the characters in random so as to portray that the characters are competing to be superior over one another!! Both the portraits were done in parallel on the same canvas, No video effect used!! The below video may explain it pretty well!

A vs A, Music Credits: Barcode Brothers

While you people start showing some love and giving some valuable comments on this post, I sneak around to catch the movie of my current favorite Director – Christopher Nolan’s  “The Dark Knight Rises”

Adios Amigos!