Maniac Theme -- My first iPhone theme

My First Theme, tried to be mostly minimalistic.Loved these icons with

no undocked icon labels in winterboard.

Includes lock screen,wallpaper.working on more icons!

Now Available on CYDIA Or u can download it at
and SCP into your i Phone.
Took almost 3 nights to finish
(that's when i usually work on my hobbies ;)
) .Hope u Guys like it!!

Iron man.

I am not so fascinated about these superhero movies,but Iron man was
one of those movies that made an impact on me.I personally liked it
over spider man-3.
One movie character that i would like to sketch would be from 300!(especially
the "This is SPARTA!!!!" scene).It was like a classic shot and people will
remember this scene forever!!

Here i have an chopped version of the scene..