Is Blogger still relevant? Blogger Vs Wordpress


Last week while I was working on revamping the look of this blog, A question hit me - Is Blogger still relevant while I develop most of the blogs/websites for my clients on Wordpress.

I tried to remember the days (2007) when I initially started this blog. I had 2 options Blogger/ Wordpress.

  • Blogger was self hosting while Wordpress needed to purchase hosting,
  • Blogger had lot of tutorials though lacking Plugin support. Wordpress had plugins( though limited at that time) but support in terms of documentation was very limited.
  • The Ecosystem- With everything  I do online fully revolved around Google, and Blogger being the product from google and its integration across other google apps including Maps, Google Video/Picasa(Does anyone still remember?), Youtube, Adsense, webmaster, I couldn't  think of anything other than blogger for my first blog.

But, Do I have to still be on blogger or migrate to Wordpress like the rest of the world? 

I believe " whats working for you doesn't needs to be fixed" rather than going with the Fad. 

Though Wordpress evolved exponentially since 2007.  Blogger seems to be working fine for me so far.

So the journey still continues... BTW, Hope you like the new look of the blog( Let me know in comments below).Though the theme has been developed by  Soratemplates,  I had to tweak a lot according to my liking and requirements.