Las Vegas – The City that never sleeps!

Ok folks,here i am again after a week long hibernation...ooops! vacation!!
Had a great weekend with friends at Vegas and Grand Canyon.Though it was my second visit to Vegas,this city never stops to fascinate you.I had 3 full days(actually nights) to spend at Vegas and wish i had more time (not to loose more money) to enjoy!.Still can’t forget the money i lost in poker,the thrill of the rides at Stratosphere,the fountain show at The Bellagio and The Volcano eruption at The Mirage!
 Vegas Sky lineFun at Vegas  
While checking out from the hotel, a middle aged couple got on to the lift along with us and the lady started pressing all the buttons in the lift starting from Floor 23 to 1, the husband tried to stop her by saying “everyone on the lift are going to kick you out!”.She replied ”i don’t want to leave Vegas and i am ready  get my self kicked out rather than leaving Vegas!”
That’s the magic of Vegas!!
What i like in this city is the never ending night life,especially the fully packed night clubs and what i hate is the people standing on the streets distributing the “Girls to your room” pamphlets to everyone including kids!
It was last December when i visited Grand canyon and i was disappointed to see it covered with snow!This time i was quite happy to see it with out any snow.It once again proves that  whatever architectural wonders human develop ,cannot beat the Nature’s own Architectural skills!!
Grand canyon Lipian Point grand canyon

Grand canyon

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