I Learn To Be Strong


I have been a huge fan of “Three Days Grace” since i started hearing them three years ago.Especially,the entire album of One-X is truly amazing.Pain,I hate everything,Never too late are true gems.Playing the album on my headphones i started scribbling…

Shattered dreams and the fear to open the eyes….Another day of Pain and Grief.

Missing something deep inside,all i can do is talk to my reflection in the mirror.

I am all alone and no longer what I once was,

Is it ever going to go away?

Do i deserve this?

Only thing that keeps me alive is tomorrow, it might all change for the best and hope time will heal my broken pride,

Until then,

All i can do is “LOVE MYSELF”

Hoping that you all like this,am signing off

'”Wish you all a Merry Christmas”

- Anvesh

Minutes to Midnight..


Minutes to Midnight, My phone kept on ringing,
It was you! Filled with a heavy hearted voice, trying to explain how things went wrong.
I was acting busy out of my ego, hung the phone on you.
All I could do all night was to think about you,
With the reflections of the past dwelling deep with in my heart,
Had a strange feeling- Is it Emptiness? Or am I lost?
With all the memories I hold about you for these years,
I can only look at me to find out how all this begun.
You are doing well as you are, while I am still missing how we were!                 
                    I wrote this poem late last night.Was in a very strange state of mind. I had not been getting much sleep for reasons unknown, started scribbling..
The inspiration for this is one of my favorite quotes by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse, however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that
Signing off…Sayonara Friends!
- Anvesh

Reflection - noiƚɔɘlʇɘЯ


“What you see depends on what you're looking for” – Reflections
 This Painting dates back to 2006.Was searching for an important mail (it’s been an exciting and challenging week) and the scanned copy of this painting popped out.As far as I remember I gifted this to one of my friends.I would definitely want to name it REFLECTIONS.
On the other side of my life after getting rid of a rather ridiculous DevilMOTOROLA BACKFLIP which except for being an Android device has nothing much I desired for,I went back to my old favorite – The iPhone!! But my love for Google especially Android never dies and lucky enough for me there were  several hacks to  install Android on iPhone(My favorite’s been the IPHODROID except for it’s lack of support for iOS 4.1).Luckily for me the iDroid team came up with the in device android installation and has been playing with Android on my  iPhone.
And I have been enjoying the sweet FROYO (Android 2.2) before most of the Android phones which are still struck on ÉCLAIR(2.1) or older..Nyah-Nyah
That’s all folks.
Comments and Suggestions are welcome and would keep me active in posting stuff.
Dasvidaniya…Rolling on the floor laughing

Now, this is not the end !

The End
Reacting to the title of my last post,one of my friends asked
“Why do you want to say Goodbye?”
I replied “That was the title of my post and it does not mean I am saying goodbye”.He is not convinced still and kept me asking “why do you draw and blog mostly the sad things in life?’I had no answer to that….this created an inner turmoil in me…am I looking at life from the serious side? or am I still living in the past filled with pain?
Thinking for a while I came up with an answer to his question- “These sketches and posts would help me when I am sad as they remind me that at present life is not as bad as it really was before.I blog about technology,music,movies,painting,travel etc..,but all you could remember are the sketches filled with sadness because it is a human trait to get attracted to something emotional…that is why it is called EMOTION”
Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.
Before saying a good byeHot smile for now,all you guys try to listen the soundtrack of 127 hours.My personal favorites are Acid Darbari,and the Liberation Triad(Liberation begins,Liberation,Liberation in a Dream).Especially the end of Liberation in a Dream(From 2:13 min) is sheer magic from AR RAHMAN.
Adios Amigos..

This could be my last goodbye !

Last Goodbye
Its been long time i blogged,things been getting crazy- Personally and professionally.I was finding it hard to find time for my hobbies too.On my way to work last week listening to one of my favorite song -Up Against the Wall by Boys Like Girls,i was motivated to draw about the song.So here it is “Last Goodbye”.Not my best,still a good one!!

You on Google!

Ever tried googling your name?
I know the answer...Yes!
I do it frequently too.
In 2005 when i used to google my name as a key word,i was expecting some where or the other i could find something that's related to me on these millions of pages of web( look how dumb i was,without a web page or any major profile of me on the web how could i find me?)

But my search hasn't ended there.
Years passed by and i have so many profiles on web with all the social networking sites and  google search almost showed each one of them when i searched with my name.
I have a screen-shot of my previous You-tube channel that got pulled down for infringement (That's quite a big and irrelevant story for now) here.This channel was quite popular too when it was up.

Check out the Stats.(Click to enlarge)

Now i have my Blog on the top of google search with my name as a query
Coming to the actual point why i am talking about this is...
Imagine if you could find a Dream Job Through Google Search? Yes It's true!
Check out the complete story..

Meet Alec Brownstein, senior copywriter at creative advertising shop Young & Rubicam (Y&R) New York. Last summer, Alec was just another tired, 28-year-old copywriter at a large international ad agency who wanted nothing more than to work at “a really creative shop for really creative [creative directors].”
While Googling his favorite creative directors last summer, Brownstein noticed that there were no sponsored links attached to their names. Since Brownstein Googles himself “embarassingly frequently,” he assumed that the creative directors did so as well, and thus he decided to purchase their names on Google AdWords.
“Everybody Googles themselves,” Brownstein explained. “Even if they don’t admit it. I wanted to invade that secret, egotistical moment when [the creative directors I admired] were most vulnerable.”

Since Brownstein was the only person bidding on the names of the five creative directors he most admired, he was able to get the top search spots for a mere 15 cents per click. Whenever someone ran a search for one of the creative directors’ names, the following message appeared at the top of the page: “Hey, [creative director's name]: Goooogling [sic] yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too” with a link to Brownstein’s website, alecbrownstein.com.
Over the next couple of months, Brownstein received calls from all but one of the creative directors whose names he had purchased. And finally, at the end of the year, he received a job offer from two: Scott Virtrone and Ian Reichenthal of Y&R New York.
The whole campaign cost him $6.
But the rewards for Brownstein’s creativity haven’t ended there. He has also received awards in the self-promotion category at two major advertising awards shows, The One Show and The Clios.
We asked Brownstein if he has any advice for others trying to land their dream jobs via Internet marketing. “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there in an interesting way,” he said. “The people who you want to work for can’t hire you any less than they already are. So shoot for the moon.”
We couldn’t agree more with his advice. What do you think of Brownstein’s story? Have you or anyone you know used online marketing to land yourself a job?
Yeah! let's give it a try.
That's all folks...For now.

Courtesy : MASHABLE

Love Actually.

With Valentine’s day round the corner,my brain was filled with several questions about  LOVE like

  • What is love actually?
  • Does love ask for selfishness/sacrifice?
  • Am i truly in love with the person whom i think i am in love with?
Looking for the answers,the first thing that came to my mind was to watch some romantic-love story movies.
So, i started with my first question - What is love actually?
What’s better than watching a movie with the same title –“LOVE ACTUALLY”.
Few minutes in to the movie i realized that i already saw this movie but not with these set of actors.It was so tiring job to watch several couples with their share of problems in a single movie.
It took me few hours to recollect that the movie was Salaam-e-Ishq.It was almost a rip-off of Love Actually but was horribly made with a length of almost 216 min’s,can you believe that ?
This made me to reconsider my idea of watching a movie to understand what love actually is.
So i dropped that idea and got to work,but the questions are still haunting me.
Hope i find these answers in coming days…
Wish you all a Happy Valentines Day.