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android vs iphone
Hola amigo’s,
This post is about the ever famous(may be notorious) i-Phone.It may be gorgeous,ground-breaking and may have changed how we look at smart-phones.Being an owner of 3 generations of the i-Phone,all I can say is ”The iPhone and me just aren't meant to be.”
First thing I don’t like about i-Phone is Apple’s “Closed” behavior.Does it really take a application like Google Voice (developed by the Big G itself) to appear in the “Appstore” after more than an year of its development,that too after an initial rejection.This is why the first thing I did after buying an i-Phone is “Jail breaking”.
Let me save more of my i-phone hatred for my next posts…
At the same time comes the saving grace in the form of “ANDROID”.I have always been a big fan of GOOGLE,Just not because most of my daily online activity goes on with it But I always believed it to be a Good Company that always does Good work and comes with Good products.So,I was naturally inclined towards Android.
After owning couple of other smart phones…BlackBerry,Windows Mobile based Tilt,i-Phone 2G and 3G..I had the opportunity to get an Android and my love towards it as an OS and Google as such has only doubled.
As mentioned above let me save more of my Love towards Android and i-phone hatred for my next posts …
Starting today I am going to start a new series of Comic strips and videos based on mine and many of yours hatred towards “The i-Phone”.
Here comes the first one…..
Alright guys,That’s it for now!
Will be back with some more i-Phone Shit (Yes! I said it ) in next posts….

Thin Waist, Fat Wallet

Happy New Year 2011 to Everyone!!
Haven’t posted much in 2010,for various reasons.Hopefully I will be posting more frequently and with less interruptions in this New Year.
Just like last couple of years my New Year Resolution will be achieving “Thin Waist and Fat Wallet” which I obviously doubt!
My last few year’s New year resolutions have been-
2008: I will get my weight down below 160 pounds.
2009: I will follow my new diet until I get below 180 pounds.
2010:I will work out at least 4days a week.
2011: I will try to drive past gym at least twice a week,but will still get below 200 pounds.(Hope soFingers crossed)
New Year Resolution
Let’s start this New Year on a funny note and get more serious as we go older each month.
First With a new year prayer to GOD -
God, grant me the ability to forget the people I never liked anyway,
The good fortune to run into the ones that I do,
And the eyesight to tell the difference,
The first thing I wanted to do in this New Year was to buy a Nexus-S,but within a week came the CES event where AT&T and Motorola announced the World’s first dual core Android Device ATRIX 4G.Being a hardcore Android Angelfan(definitely an APPLEVampire bat hater) and also AT&T’s first attempt at getting a real high end Android device to their network,I am more inclined towards it now,though I have to wait till march 1st  to get it.
I can’t really wait….check it out below if you haven't already
Alright guys/gals who ever you are,good night/good morning depending on wherever you are…..Its Anvesh signing off wishing you all a Happy New Year once again…