The other side of the world.

Life has been on a faster track for me for the past few months making it difficult to connect with you folks.Friends and family have been complaining about my preoccupancy.My usual job has been keeping me busy from my hobbies, especially Blogging! Crying face

I am going through an interesting phase of my career. Started to focus on certain things, but my inner beast wants me to work towards my long term goals.Though that side of my world is earning me my staple, it is not as exciting as what I like to do.

Meantime, there were certain works that I started doing as a part of  “The Abstract Series”. These are mostly Minimalistic and Digital works to create the Abstract theme. Below are few of them which I would like to share with you.There will be more that will be added to this list as things start settling down.








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Signing off..