New Shirt ! (Monday Morning Humor)

It’s just one of those pranks we successfully pulled off on a colleague. On a boring Monday Morning at work, a bit of laughter always helps!

New Shirt!

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Gangnam GAYLE !

Gangnam Gayle

With Gangnam Style getting famous day by day and Chris Gayle trying to recreate Gangnam every time he hits a six / takes a wicket, I decided to make a gag on his style.

The actual lines I thought of are “With this Banging, I pity the three ladies found in his hotel the other day”

Not to make it NSFW, I have decided to change the lines to “Thank God! India didn’t make it to the Finals”

Hope you guys like it and share it.

Gag Time!

Tired of saying sorry several times for not posting regularly on the Blog and making false promises to post more often, but things are a lot busy and am still trying to keep up with those promises.

After being in the IT industry for a while, and seeing a lot of horrible as well as Humorous situations, thought of bringing certain Lighthearted Moments to u guys.. so here is my first trial at making a Gag! And the name of the series - "Kaam Chor Haraam Khor"

Johnny Johnny - Kaam Chor Haraam Khor

Hope you guys like it and share with all your Friends! Adios!!