Revisiting Interstellar

Last night, was watching Interstellar for the nth time.. and was still spellbound not just by the scientific accuracy and detail involved.. but also the emotional quotient and an inherent beautiful message
Love transcends all rationalities, dimensions of time and space

Every new clip where Cooper’s son says he got a girlfriend, he got engaged and when he shows his child, I sobbed along with Cooper. there isn't a greater purpose to our lives than being there around those who love us.We wouldn't want to spend the prime of our life working hard and missing out on spending time with those we love.
 This moved me as a father, and a human being!!

Nolan creates a man who is so much driven by the love to his daughter that he leaves the one home he knows and travels millions of light years just to secure a better future for his family.
Nolan created an everlasting experience. Thank you Nolan!!