O Brother, Where Art Thou?

30 days since I left the place I call home for a new Job I took up(New Place, you get new Posts frequently hopefully ) and constantly in touch with all loved ones, suddenly I receive an E-mail from my school buddy of Class XII saying " hey Brother, am in Hyderabad. lets catch up!" . Surprised to hear back from someone after 20 years, all i could reply was " Next time buddy, Out of country for a while re-discovering myself". I was still wondering in my head- "Does someone still take extra steps to get in touch with Old friends the old school way by dropping by your house/ sending you a mail?" only to realise he couldnt connect with me over Social media as my old FB and Insta accounts getting hacked few months ago, I had to Re-Christen all my social media handles from carreddy to anveshnext ,Luckily, he found my email via this blog on google search. Only thing I understood from someone trying to connect back after all these years was probably  a quote I saved for my book -"The biggest contribution I ever did as a mere human being was to provide people with great memories and undiscovered quotes"

Unfortunately, I never got time to update on this blog with my biggest /dearest network.  I am leaving all the social media handles below. Lets connect back!  For Now, I can't promise more Art work but definitely more blog posts than before! Ciao!!