What's in a Name?


What's in a name? Said Shakespeare.

Never had i thought, if I would ever experience this in my life.

After my sudden inclination towards geo-politics especially from the Indian Perspective, I was looking to find some good unbiased experts on this Topic and I stumbled up on couple of great individuals with enormous amount of experience and knowledge on Geo Politics that i had to look no further. I started Following these two across all Social Platforms to only to realize that Not only is their Names the same- Abhijit , Both experts on Geopolitics and Both are Very Nationalist in their Beliefs, Both had a QnA session on Youtube with the Exact same Hashtag #AskAbhijit with only difference I have noticed so far in my couple of years following their content 

Abhijit Chavda - More of an Scholarly, Your High school Professor kind of More preachy but factual( Not what the Paid media Shows) than rubbing his own opinions on the World dynamics from Indian Perspective. Chavda has his Youtube Channel Abhijit Chavda and does  weekend #AskAbhijit QnA sessions along with other content on Geopolitics. Chavda Apart from geo-politics also is an expert in  History, Astro Physics, ( I will save this for later) Twitter:Profile / Twitter

Abhijit Iyer Mitra(AIM)- Witty, Satirical (his Twitter Bio says it all) No Bullshit geopolitical/ defence  Analyst with his  Opinions always going to ruffle few feathers. If you are active on Twitter , you must have already seen him mocking / hitting out few Anti Nationals. You also can find him on PGurus Channel on Youtube on Mondays  #AskAbhijit QnA session and also on TheShamSharmaShow- Global where he shares his geopolitical opinions on Current world topics and also active Participant on Late night political analysis debates! It takes a lot of nerve to beat AIM in a debate especially on Geo-Politics.

Twitter: Profile / Twitter

Is it Just a Coincidence that both these Abhijit's with varied personalities but with the  expertise on  Similar Subject( geo-Politics) are providing enough content to newbies like me? Drafting this  while watching the Abhijit Chavda show with his un-biased opinion on  Ukraine -Russia conflict, Srilanka Economic Turmoil, Rouble Rebound and  wondering how was I not introduced to these amazing people early in my life which would have made my thought process a lot different! I dedicate any of my Geo-poltical knowledge to these two Abhijit's!