Exploring the World of Cinema Beyond Borders: A Personal Journey

In 2007, my cinematic journey took an exhilarating turn when I was introduced to my first world cinema experience through a Mexican psychological drama titled "Amores Perros." This captivating film, comprising three overlapping stories that eventually converged into one, instantly mesmerized me with its gritty visuals and remarkable music. Despite not being a fervent fan of the drama genre, "Amores Perros" paved the way for my exploration of an extensive list of captivating films from around the globe. With subtitles bridging language barriers, I embarked on a cinematic adventure that exposed me to diverse cultures and cinematic brilliance.

It became so addicted that by 2009, I have watched all IMDB top 250 more than once.

 In those days, when streaming platforms were not as prevalent, torrenting served as the primary means of accessing international films. However, this approach came with its challenges, including receiving a warning from our Internet Service Provider (ISP) due to potential legal issues. Consequently, a brief pause ensued as we sought alternative methods to continue our cinematic endeavors.

 In 2010, a roommate of mine, who shared a similar passion for movies, introduced me to the captivating world of Korean thrillers. Films like "Mother," "Oldboy," and "The Vengeance Trilogy" enthralled me, with a personal favorite being "I Saw the Devil." Coinciding with this period, Netflix transitioned from a DVD-based service to a streaming platform, revolutionizing our movie-watching experience and making it more convenient.

Reflecting upon my journey, it becomes evident that I have watched more films from world cinema than from my own Indian cinema. In 2023, I have made a resolution to delve into Indian classics from the black-and-white era, such as works by Satyajit Ray and Guru Dutt. By expanding my horizons and embracing the richness of various cinematic traditions, I aim to further enhance my appreciation for the art of filmmaking.

Top 10 Flicks from World Cinema: Throughout my exploration of world cinema, several films have left an indelible mark on my cinematic consciousness. Here is a curated list of my top 10 flicks, along with their respective English titles:

Rashomon (Japanese): A masterpiece by Akira Kurosawa, renowned for its innovative narrative structure, exploring the subjectivity of truth which later became a storytelling style itself.

Incendies (French): A powerful and emotionally gripping film by Denis Villeneuve, delving into family secrets and the impact of war. The climax that can shock your inner human.

The Hunt (Danish): A thought-provoking drama directed by Thomas Vinterberg, depicting a community torn apart by false accusations.

Timecrimes (Spanish): A mind-bending science fiction thriller by Nacho Vigalondo, exploring the consequences of time travel.

District 13 (French): An adrenaline-fueled action film directed by Pierre Morel, showcasing parkour stunts within a dystopian setting.

I Saw the Devil (Korean): A riveting and intense Korean thriller directed by Kim Jee-woon, exploring the boundaries of vengeance and morality.

Mesrine (French): A gripping biographical crime film, presented in two parts, portraying the life of infamous French gangster Jacques Mesrine.

Seven Samurai (Japanese): Another remarkable creation by Akira Kurosawa, this epic tale follows a group of samurai defending a village against bandits.

City of God( Brazilian): Crime drama, which tells the tale of boys who grow up to be gangsters in one of the ghettos of Rio de Janeiro

A Separation( Iranian): A man finds himself torn between his duty to care for his elderly father and his responsibilities towards his own child in a compelling family drama which won an Oscar for
Asghar Farhadi
Special mention to the 2 Italian movies which didn't make it to the Top 10- Life is Beautiful and Cinema Paradiso.

By the way, I'll be less active on this blog anymore  due to work taking priority. Good Bye, until next time,